Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do your students have the writing blues?

Many students dislike writing.  However, blogs motivate students to write!  Is it any wonder since the generation we teach wasn't raised on pencil and paper but rather technology and social media?  Blogs are a great education tool to teach writing.  Somehow knowing you will get to type your writing on a blog for everyone to see and respond to makes planning and writing it on a piece a paper a little bit easier to take.  The exciting part, to me anyway, is that they get to respond to each other's writing.  It's almost like shared writing journals, but more fun.  So maybe the next question you're asking is which blog is safest for my students?  I am excited to share a site one of my 4th grade friends shared with me.  It is called Kid Blog.  She was out on maternity leave and was able to write to her students and tell them about the new baby, and they were able to respond.  Exciting! 

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