Friday, June 29, 2012

Too Noisy App

I have always liked the stop light that shows the noise level in the room, but they are expensive. Thanks to technology, there is the wonderful Too Noisy App available on iPad 2. It can be projected as well. The .99 cents version keeps track of how many times the noise level gets out of control and triggers a warning sound. It is a pretty neat app. You can adjust the sensitivity based on the activity. I can absolutely envision using this in the classroom during centers. The only downside for me was that there is only one warning sound and it sounds similar to our fire alarm. It's not that huge a deal since the sound is brief and it can be turned off if I decided not to use it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Google Docs

I am oozing with excitement! Ok, that might sound gross, but I can't help it that I get so excited when I learn something new. Many of you may be familiar with this - oh I forgot to tell you what it is. It is Google Docs! I have heard of this, but never knew how to use it in the classroom until Pinterest, which led me to a 4th grade blog, which got me to thinking I needed to learn more so I went to You Tube. That happens to me often start at one place on the net and end up somewhere else, two hours later! Anyway, back to Google Docs in the classroom. I learned from the blog that you can create forms that can be used to do assessments and track data. I will try to find the blog and post it for you. Then on You Tube,I found the how to create forms. This led my brain to thinking of a million other ways they can be used. I can post surveys or homework assignments on my class Edmodo. Students could possibly take a test right on the computer. The possibilities seem endless! Please post how you use Google Docs in your classroom. The You Tube video is posted here in case you want to check it out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012