Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Classroom Management

I had the opportunity to sub last Thursday and Friday in a first grade class!  The students were wonderful!  However, I have a dilemma already.  Every time I think I know what classroom management format I want my FIRST classroom to have in the Fall, I see another FABULOUS idea!  When I was in school I do not recall there being so many different ways to "manage" students.  Now, in every class I have been in so far, there is individual, group/table, and whole class management systems!  It seems so overwhelming!  My question, is all three necessary?  Thank you for your advice. 


  1. Hi there Michelle - welcome to blogging. I started mine in February but have been teaching 18 years. There are so many fun management ideas out there for sure. You just have to mix them up and see what works for you. Make sure to use whole group/ class table and individual ones. I use all 3 and it helps. Although I must say table points do get forgotten the most. If you are thinking about all these things you might want to check out my website. I have a section on the left called teacher resources that has tons of ideas for the classroom. I blog now which has ideas too but the website I think might be more helpful to you right now. Enjoy
    website: http://www.vickymoore2.com
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  2. Vicky, Thank you for following my blog :) I love your website and will be using it as a resource. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas. I subbed last week in a class that did not institute all three behavior management tools and I could definitely tell the difference. I have figured out all the methods I will use.

  3. Hi Michelle!

    I am a 1st grade teacher. I don't do table points or a clip chart. My classroom is based on Conscious Discipline which is all about building the School Family. It is understanding the "why" behind the behaviors and then giving the children the words and the tools to solve problems. It also starts first with you as the teacher and understanding your attitude and the words you use.

    It has made the biggest impact on not only my teaching but my daily life dealing with others. One of the big beliefs is that children are either extending love or crying out for love. We can also not change anyone but ourselves and how we react to others.

    It is amazing and I teach children of poverty that our toughies. I would love to talk to you more about it and you can also come and read about it on my blog. I share about it all of the time and we are doing a book study of the book this summer through my blog. =)

    I am your newest follower and I hope you come and visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Heather, I just clicked into your blog and was impressed by the initial appearance of it. Then, I saw your header "before you reach their heads, you have to touch their hearts!" That made me smile because that explains explicitely what I was recently trying to explain to a friend. I can't wait to check out more of your blog and your book study! Thank you for joining my blog.